this year is for me and you

Thank you

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Im so sorry :( Can I help at all, love?

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I very much appreciate the sentiment, but I was in Montreal.

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I made myself tea to ease the awfulness of today, but the joke’s on me because I feel too sick to even drink it.

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Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.




1. the puffin.

2. a fool or dunce.

Etymology: uncertain, presumed to be from Tom (short for Thomas) + noddy (probably short for obsolete noddypoll, alteration of hoddypoll, “fumbling inept person”).

[Photographers: heylormammy & shadow-and-flame-86sagereidceltes & nordford]



Study of a woman’s head in three-quarter profile (Study for Unchastity in the “Beethoven Frieze”) (1902), Gustav Klimt



SPOTLIGHT: Flowers, Love and Money by Rebecca Louise Law

Artist Rebecca Louise Law creates beautiful site-specific installations of a upside down gardens with flowers hanging form the ceiling.

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GOT S4 challenge; day 4/7 

 ↳ Favourite Location; Water Dancing in the Riverlands

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