this year is for me and you


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new article!

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It’s all of us. You have to love all of us.



"My parents never pushed me or my brother into anything. We’re a very close-knit family. Their idea of parenting was if we showed interest in something they would provide us with everything we needed to follow that interest. I used to like taking photographs, so they’d buy me a camera, and they’d send me to photography courses. I always liked writing, so my mum would give me books on writing. When it came to acting it was, OK, you like doing this as an extracurricular activity, let’s send you to London. You can do National Youth Theater, do these drama courses. They shot themselves in the foot with that one because I ended up following that.
Luckily, it’s paid off so far.” (x)

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The only photos I have from Carter’s going away party + Zaphod’s on Saturday are these mirror shots of my outfit, but it was a good night. I will for sure be checking out Zaphod’s again!

"I’m a garden rose."

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