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"Your thesis is vague and you need more structure and biographical information. Have a B."


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"Don’t let any fucker whose belly is full tell you to wait patiently for hunger to pass."
(In a subway in Amman, Jordan). 


Bill Prickett

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Yeah but didn’t Mendel found the study of genetics by studying bean sprouts?

Or was it peas? It was probably peas.

Well. My point is that being an adorable bean sprout and being a majestic warrior of science are not mutuslly exclusive, but I screwed that one up. Ops.

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Do NOT be sorry, you little bean sprout you! You have done more than enough to sooth my neurotic mood swings like all damn month! I literally mesnt disregard it because I have settled, mostly!

Also, “neurotic mood swings” is super redundant, I know.

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You are an angel. Seriously. Your kindness astounds and inspires me.

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marisacoulter asked: catelyn?? rose tyler?

Neither, actually! Catelyn was really close, but I didn’t want to put too many characters from ASOIAF on my list :P

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asoiaf great houses - martell of dorne

(wallpaper), (insp)

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a promo (and a hug) for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!