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The key to Earthbending is your stance, you have to be steady and strong.

Rock is a stubborn element. If you’re going to move it then you have to be a rock yourself.

"For I do not exist: there exist but the thousands of mirrors that reflect me. With every acquaintance I make, the population of phantoms resembling me increases. Somewhere they live, somewhere they multiply. I alone do not exist."

—Vladimir Nabokov, The Eye (via lesangfroid)




holy shit there is a name for it

ohhhhhhhhh o:

The older I get, the more I learn that there are actual names for things I feel.

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Nobody gives the black girl mob credit for being smart as fuck. They clown but at the end of the day they are really intelligent.

And it’s not subtle at all.
Taystee is a math prodigy in addition to being well-read, Poussey is multilingual, Cindy just knows shit, Suzanne studies Shakespeare, Watson was a good student in addition to being a track star, Vee is basically an evil genius. Piper often learns the most from them; they taught her how to fight and helped translate Pennsatucky’s biblical threat.
The show flat out acknowledges the (academic) intelligence of the black inmates time and time again, but the audience collectively ignores it.




After a long and tiring post-production phase, Time Baristas has finally hit an Internet near you! If you or anyone you know contributed to the campaign (or helped share it like a good pot of coffee), I know the whole team would appreciate a reblog or like!

Also, a message from producer and co-creater Alex Young, for those of you who didn’t have spare change at the time of the Indiegogo campaign:

A short, but sweet update:
Time Baristas episode 1 is officially up and live for your viewing pleasure!

Once again we cannot thank each and every one of you enough, we truly and honestly couldn’t have done it without your ongoing support.
This has been an incredible, challenging and incredibly rewarding project, one that we are so proud of. 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts
Alex and the entire Time Baristas family

In the words of the great Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, share and enjoy!

What do I think love is?