this year is for me and you

There’s a man who’s never going to let us down. And not even an army can get in the way. He’s the last of his kind. He looks young but he’s lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. And wherever they take you, Melody, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone. Because this man is your father. He has a name, but the people of our world know him better… as the Last Centurion.

uh maybe any time between 10 and 3? just text in advance. :D

Works for me :)! All I have on the agenda is studying. Whiiiiich I should be doing right now, ugh.

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Anonymous asked: 11, 21, 23

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ahhh these are awesome! and no big deal maybe we can chat tomorrow morning if you’re around?

Thank you! And absolutely! What time is best?

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captainshakespear asked: 3, 4, 7, 19, 37. :D

Under a cut because it’s rather long, whoops.

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1.What you're drinking.
2.Your mobile phone.
3.Television remote.
4.Your hands.
5.Your lips.
6.Your favorite possession.
7.Your favorite stuffed animal/toy.
8.Your face right now.
9.The shirt you're wearing.
10.What you're eating.
11.Your room.
12.Your T.V.
13.Something random.
14.Your ceiling.
15.Your eye.
16.Your computer.
17.Your favorite piece of jewelry.
18.Your favorite item of clothing.
19.Your favorite shoes.
20.Something important to you.
21.Something shiney.
22.Some red.
23.Something orange.
24.Something yellow.
25.Something green.
26.Something blue.
27.Something purple.
28.Something pink.
29.Something black.
30.Something rainbow.
31.Something that makes you smile.
32.Something that brings back a good memory.
33.Something that brings back a bad memory.
34.Something you've had since you were a child.
35.Something old.
36.Something new.
37.Something you think is cute.
38.Something funny.
39.Something cool.
40.Something weird that you own.

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Tatiana Maslany by Ben Trivett