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Bodies (2006)

Nadav Kander

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The Last Japanese Mermaids 

For nearly two thousand years, Japanese women living in coastal fishing villages made a remarkable livelihood hunting the ocean for oysters and abalone, a sea snail that produces pearls. They are known as Ama. The few women left still make their living by filling their lungs with air and diving for long periods of time deep into the Pacific ocean, with nothing more than a mask and flippers.

In the mid 20th century, Iwase Yoshiyuki returned to the fishing village where he grew up and photographed these women when the unusual profession was still very much alive. After graduating from law school, Yoshiyuki had been given an early Kodak camera and found himself drawn to the ancient tradition of the ama divers in his hometown. His photographs are thought to be the only comprehensive documentation of the near-extinct tradition in existence

there’s a fantastic Matthew Barney (Bjork’s husband) film that has some of these women in discovering a piece of ambergris

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By Can Dagarslani.

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Paintings by Lee Price





Speaking of different body shapes. These are all basically peak human bodies. 

How come 99% of them don’t conform to what the entertainment industry tells us is the perfect body?

Time to bring back this body reference sheet!

One of the better body references I’ve ever seen.  All of these people are ridiculously fit, operating in the top echelons of their sports world-wide.  But there’s a vast array of body types, and types of fitness.

I know this is off point, but Table Tennis dude is my favorite. 



Brandon shot by Lucas Passmore  |  tumblr





canada: where hot politicians take off their shirts and box for charity


these guys are poliTICIANS!?